Monday, March 9, 2015


I promise these won't all be bunny pics. I just have a few that are too cute not to share. 

Mimi Lee and Baby Mabey (Formally known as Mimi and Mabel.)

Mimi likes to jump on my back and walk around whenever she notices me lying on the floor. What a cutie. Here she is perched on the best seat in the house. ;-)

This is pretty much the only time I think chewing is adorable. 

I looooove it when she flops on her side to nap. She is the picture of comfort.

Mimi isn't quite as easygoing as her sister is. I rarely catch her with her eyes closed. She must be a very light sleeper. 

I seriously love our bunnies. 

Cora trying to get Mimi to pose for a pic.

Oliver went through a phase months ago where he'd put all my metal frosting tips on his fingers like claws.

One of several Jane selfies I discovered on my phone. =)

I finally got the chance to check out Trader Joe's in January. I was downtown reporting for jury duty, but the judge ended up not needing anyone that morning, so we were dismissed after a while of waiting around. At least I got free cocoa. I skittered down the street to Trader Joe's and selected some yummy-looking products. The treats pictured above were delectable.

I came across a seriously sad shirt on a juniors' clearance rack at Shopko...

Just the kind of encouragement teens need. =/

Here's evidence of Cora and Jane raking the leaves. They weren't too thrilled about having to do it, but I caught them having fun together. They didn't notice me peering at them through the front window.

These pictures don't show that they're getting anything done, but they did in real life. 

When I bought these earrings, the cashier made some lighthearted remark about how they must be a gift for someone else, since she couldn't picture me wearing them. She obviously doesn't know me at all. 

Jane loves painting her nails. She fashioned these Santa hats for Christmas...

So cute! She really has a knack for nail art. 

I'm often amused by the way things are advertized. 

I hate to tell you, Jergens, but I bet the bottle would look fresher without the little magenta corner telling me how fresh it looks. 

Ahhhhh... I can almost smell the rosiness of this pic I took at the end of September. It's never too late to share a flower photo, right?

Ryan and I took the kids on a greenbelt bikeride the beginning of October. We stopped for a bit at this remarkable tree behind Veterans Park that we like so much.

Once in a while it seems that our kids actually like each other. =)

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